In the case of an emergency: 

Emergency Electrical issues only: DMC Electrical 07775560710
You can also email

Please be aware that if you call out one of the emergency contractors and the issue is found to be non-urgent you will risk being charged for the call out.

Maintenance problems or queries should be reported to: My Lets, firstly by using the email and an acknowledgement will be sent to you confirming what action will be taken. Of course, if you don’t have access to email or if the matter is urgent you can report it immediately by phone on 01273 626494 and action will then be taken to try and rectify the problem as soon as possible. Where possible it would very useful if you could email us a picture of the problem. This will allow us to get a better idea of the issue and help us instruct the right contractor.

For an out of hours issue please email

My Lets will endeavour to adhere to the following timescales whenever possible. These are to be used as guidelines and not exact timescales:

• Emergency repairs should be carried out within the same working day if the repair is reported before midday or the following day if reported after midday
• Urgent repairs should be carried out within 5 working days
• Routine repairs should be carried out within 21 working days

The following list gives an indication of the type of repairs in each category:

Emergency repairs within 24 Hours

• Gas Leaks
• Dangerous electrical faults
• Complete lighting failure
• Common area lighting failure
• Lift breakdowns
• Serious water leaks
• Blocked drains
• Dangerous structures
• Breakdown of heating systems in winter (where Council Tenants are old, have young children or are otherwise vulnerable)
• Defects which prejudice Council Tenants security

Urgent repairs within 5 Working days

• General electrical faults
• Failure of heating system in summer (where Tenants are old, have young children or are otherwise vulnerable)
• Replacement of unsound flooring

Routine repairs within 21 Working days

All other repairs and maintenance to be carried out within a reasonable period of time to be agreed between the tenant and My Lets.

However big or small must be reported to My Lets, just in case they become worse leading to possible extensive damage. However, when reporting leaks we would kindly ask you to use ‘common sense’. If the leak is merely dripping rather than pouring, then it will not be classed as URGENT.  We would kindly ask you to leave a message with the office and then take the necessary steps to control the situation yourself. We suggest that perhaps a bucket/bowl be placed under drips and or towels wrapped around pipes etc. this should suffice until assistance can be arranged.

In the event of a fire or break-in we would expect that you take the appropriate action yourself such as dialing 999 and requesting the relevant service either Fire Brigade or police in addition to leaving a message with the office.

Please note any call out made to your property which is deemed as not an emergency you will be charged for the call-out.